Energy-Saving Technology

Fully integrated, custom-contoured 1-1/4″ insulation creates a blanket of thermal protection to shield your home from inclement weather and energy loss.

Greater Impact Resistance

Up to 400% more impact resistance than conventional “hollow back” siding for superior strength and a beautifully uniform finish.

Exclusive Advantage Lock System

Interlocking design secures panels in place, greatly enhancing rigidity and stability.

Full-Roll Nail Hem

Heavy-duty, double-strength wall attachment increases strength and structural integrity to help bridge uneven wall surfaces.

Superior 3/4″ Lap Height

Rigid panel projection creates a deeper dimensional look with enhanced shadow lines and a handcrafted appearance.

Built Hurricane-Tough!

Laboratory tested to withstand winds up to Category 5 Hurricane rating.

Quiet Comfort

High-density insulation and integrated panel design soften outside noise.

Naturally Pest-Resistant

Treated with a nontoxic mineral additive that discourages pests from nesting behind the siding.

Beautiful Wood-Like Appearance

Natural cedargrain texture and subtle detail create a true-wood look.

Authentic Profile Designs

The straight, flat face of the Double 6″ Clapboard captures the distinctive appeal of handcrafted wood siding, while the elegant cove of the Double 5″ Dutch Lap imparts traditional character and charm.

Longer Length, Smoother Finish

The extra-long 16’8″ and 16’4″ panels create up to 39% fewer seams compared to standard 12′ siding for a exceptional finish.



Extra-Heavy Wall Thickness

Heavy-duty .046″ thickness provides superior rigidity, ensuring straight, smooth walls.

Full-Roll Nailing Hem

Provides double-strength wall attachment.

Exclusive Advantage Lock System

Securely connects panels, greatly enhancing rigidity
and stability.

Built Hurricane-Tough!

In laboratory tests simulating hurricane-force wind conditions, Sequoia Select withstood windloads up to 407 km/h (253).*

Rich Cedargrain Emboss

Beautiful low-gloss finish achieves natural appeal and excellent durability; requires minimal upkeep.

Superior Lap Height

Full 3/4″ lap height creates a deeper dimensional look and enhanced shadow lines for a true wood-like appearance.

*Windload performance may vary by profile design.



Proven Performance

Deluxe aluminum siding is performance-engineered to shield your home from outdoor elements, such as harsh winds and water, and other destructive weather. Unlike wood, compressed particle board or fiber cement, Deluxe aluminum siding won’t absorb moisture.

Added Dimension

The extra-deep 1/2″ butt height of Deluxe aluminum siding adds greater dimension and style with dramatic shadow lines.

Superior Finished Look

While fiber cement and compressed particle boards typically require caulked joints, Deluxe aluminum siding’s “seams” are crisp and clean.


With beautiful colours and a traditional profile design, Deluxe aluminum siding will give your home a refined appearance while wrapping it in a tough aluminum shield.

Simple Upkeep

Deluxe aluminum siding requires minimal maintenance. Unlike fiber cement that may require periodic recaulking and repainting, or wood siding that typically needs repainting every five to seven years, Deluxe demands not much more than an occasional rinse with a garden hose – perfect for today’s lifestyle.

Protecting Your Investment

Like many people, your home may be your single most important investment. Deluxe not only will create an attractive, worry-free exterior, but will enhance the curb appeal of your home. And in today’s resale market, a beautiful, low-maintenance finish can be a valuable amenity.

Warranty Protection

Gentek aluminum siding carries a 40 year limited, transferrable warranty.

Thinking About Giving Your House a Facelift?

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