Jim MacArthur Windows & Doors is happy to assist you with determining the best awning for your homes oasis. With a large selection of patterns and designs to choose from we know we will exceed your expectations for your awning.

The Awning Advantage

•Reduces direct sunlight decreases the temperature on your deck or patio by 200° enhancing your outdoor enjoyment.

•Protects you and your family from up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

•Eliminates fading of carpets, furniture, floors, and other interior decor.

•Custom fabricated to suit your needs.

•Blocks 75% of solar heat entering your house through the windows, reducing inside temperatures up to 15° better than blinds or drapes.

•Expands your seasonal living space and adds value to your house.

•100% acrylic fabrics are water repellent, mildew resistant and easy to care for, remaining bright and beautiful for over 10 years.

•Reduces the energy costs of air conditioning up to 25%, saves you money and reduces your home’s carbon footprint.

•Decreases the sunlight in your house reducing glare on television and computer screens.

•A vario valance shades you from low lying sun and provides privacy.

•Adding a motor reduces opening and retracting time to mere seconds, increasing your usage up to 75%.